Wild Nights!

When the sun goes down here at Jabberwocky things get crazy! This evening we had studio night and there were many wild performances. Sue Harrington sang her famous rendition of “Respect” and the cabin of Slithy Toves formed a band called “The Alligators” which David G. claims has recorded an album that is out in stores now. Matt L. is dressed as an alligator in the above picture, in case you were wondering. You’ll have to ask his counselors what this outfit has to do with alligators since we’re not really sure. Below is a picture of George and Christina performing an original ballet.

And here’s Nancy C. and Mellisa P. doing a dance they call “fireflies” with Kat and Lidia.

Last night we had a big pizza and dance party to say good-bye to the folks who are leaving at the halfway point. It was boogie central down in the studio. We all got sweaty and ran over each others feet with wheelchairs.

It was sad to say good-bye to the folks who are leaving, but we’ll see them again next year, we hope, and we got to say hello to some new ones. Welcome Sue H, Beth A., Mellisa P.,Taylor H. Sam W., Tim F., Skylar B., Sharon J. and Lief S.! We’re glad you are here. Well, most of us are glad. Cathy and Beth started arguing the moment Beth arrived.

“But we love eachother,” said Cathy.

We’re all wondering if any of the new counselors will be able to sleep once Sue H. starts snoring. She sounds like a freight train!


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