A Fine Weekend

Yes, it was a fine weekend here at Camp Jabberwocky. We had some nice visits from old friends and fun times with new ones. Sarah P. came by and Shirley was so happy and surprised she nearly flipped out of her wheelchair. The Ho Family came for the weekend as well, with their latest addition, little Larissa Ho. Here’s Shirley holding the little Ho:

Saturday was a beach day and then we all watched “Charlie And the Chocolate Factory” slumber party style down in the studio. That’s the theme for the parade this year, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. We figured since we are all experts on sweets, this only made sense. We’re starting to make the costumes and floats now. Come cheer us on if you’re in town!

On Sunday we went to Grace Church where they gave us a big welcome round of applause since it was our first visit of the summer. We all got dressed up nicely and some of us even washed our hair. We tried our best to stay quiet throughout the service, though as usual that proved difficult.

In the afternoon most of us loaded onto the red bus to go to Oak Bluffs and see the Firemen’s Muster, but by the time we got there it was pretty much over. Manny said this was Jon Wolff’s fault and most of us agreed. He might be in for a little water dousing tomorrow. Anyway, after dinner we all walked down to Owen Park to see the band concert. This was a very pleasant time indeed and Nancy J. sang along to almost all of the old time tunes. They should have given her a mic!

At some point people got up and began dancing and that was when things really got crazy. Look out!

But then it started to get dark so we all hurried back to camp to brush our teeth and get in bed under warm covers. It’s chilly tonight!


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