Set-Up Week…

Set-up week is the week in which counselors gather at the camp and sweep out the dust and caterpillars from the place. We also go over some training stuff and us old folks try to scare the new ones with stories of projectile vomit and sleepless nights. It’s been a nice week, actually, we have a bunch of returning counselors and a great batch of new recruits. This year we’ve got counselors from Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, France, Korea, and even Massachusetts. July camp is a little bigger this year than last and we’re really excited for the arrival of the campers…tomorrow!

We hope you’ll check out this blog through the session and come visit us if you’re nearby. It’s gearing up to be a fine summer! Here’s a few pictures from our set-up week. Here’s the gang listening intently to the horseback riding instructors words of wisdom:

Later on the youngest member of the Jabberwocky community, little Elsie Bradford, hopped on board a pony for the first ride of her life.

Then back at camp Nurse Ellenor performed what has become a rite of summertime, the annual CPR lesson. We all practiced breathing into the mouth of the rubber dummy and afterwards some of the counselors took him out to The Outland Disco to see The Boogies play at rocking set.

In the morning it was more clean-up. Here’s our neighbor Sean and Lydia, a new counselor, sweeping off the roof of the main cabin. We’re thorough!

Now everyone’s busy picking out their costumes to wear down at the ferry dock for the camper’s arrival. Whoa Boy!


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