Scorchin’ Sunday…

Well it was a real scorcher here on the island today. We were sweating just standing still! This morning Faith, Beth and Manny took a trip into Vinyardhaven to be interviewed for Plum TV. We were in a hurry and Beth was having trouble keeping up the fast pace walking down there so she hitched a ride on Faith’s wheelchair. While on TV they talked about the upcoming play. IT’S TOMORROW, MONDAY THE 17TH AT 7:30PM! COME TO THE CAMP AND SEE IT!

Here’s they are on the set of the TV show…

This afternoon we all went over to the Boch’s big house in Edgartown for a cookout picnic lunch. Thank you Barbara Boch!
It was a blast, as always. And this time no one peed in the hot tub.

Hellcat and Patricia O’Neal. Two amazing women, side by side. “She may have won an Oscar,” said Hellcat, “but I could still take her in a wrestling match.”

“Hellcat” Ainsworth gets ready for the big play…


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