Fantastic Friday

It was another action packed day here at Jabberwocky central. We were glad to see sunny skies return and everyone is getting excited about the upcoming play (Monday and Tues, July 17th and 18th, 8pm here at the camp – please come!). Here’s some shots of our action packed rehearsal this morning:

And here’s some shots of the final horseback riding class of the session. Ride ’em cowboy!

After lunch we all hit the beach. No one stayed behind. It was simply too nice a day for anything else:

Supercounselor Kim Ho is back for a visit with old friends. Here she’s telling Jonah that’s he’s been growing like a weed, or something like that:

Grace and Faith used grace and faith to complete a difficult crossword puzzle:

Chricke decided to abandon ship after Manny’s toes did a little too much wiggling, if you know what we mean…

John C. shows us why they call him Casanova:

Sharon laughs at Kelsey’s lifeguard credentials:

And here we are loading up to leave. Back on the first day of camp it took us a whole hour to load the bus. Now we can do it in under fifteen minutes. That’s efficiency! And we usually don’t forget anyone either:

The boys in the back of the bus!

After dinner we loaded up the bus once again and drove to Edgartown for a Movie. We ate dinner a little slower this time so nobody barfed on the way over. We saw “Me, You, and Dupree”. It was pretty good. The best part was at the end when Matt laughed so loud at the sappy conclusion that the whole theater started cracking up.

Teak gets ready to try out his moves on Cathy D.


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