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Well, now we know we’ve truly settled in. We’re on the verge of our third camper rotation and we’ve now made our second trip down to Grace Church for the Sunday service. Skipper carried the cross as usual and we all did our best to keep quiet during the communion. Some of the counselors seemed to be deep in thought during the sermon, so deep in thought in fact that if we didn’t know better we might have assumed they were asleep…

Whenever we sing hymns during camp it’s hard not to think of our dear friend Ronnie Simonsen. He’s a great singer of hymns and a longtime Jabberwockian who is up in Boston this summer battling leukemia. Earlier in the week when we went to the Tabernacle we sang “How Great Thou Art” which is one of Ronnie’s signature tunes. Thou art great Ronnie! Many of our returning campers have asked about Ron’s health and we’re pleased to say he seems to be getting stronger, but he’s still got a ways to go. He loves letters so write him at: 2 Inwood Circle, Pelham NH 03076. Here’s a picture of our friend Ron singing last year:

After lunch we split up into smaller groups and some went up island to the Field Gallery for an art opening while others stayed at camp to cheer on Italia in the World Cup finals. The red bus took a crew to the beach where Jason swam out to the sand bar for the first time and Matt impressed us all with his underwater prowess. We’d let him drop into the water and then pull him up a few seconds later and he’d nod his head for more. People on shore where watching in amazement and they probably would have called the police if it weren’t for the the huge smile on his face each time he emerged from the dunking. The camera wasn’t handy during this swim trip so we’ll have to post photos of that another time. Here’s a picture Faith took of Matt earlier in the day:

And here’s some more of Dr. Steve’s shots from the summer. We were sorry to say good-bye to both him and Graham yesterday. See you next year guys!

Tomorrow is beach cookout day, and drumming during the sunset. C’mon out to State Beach around 6:30 and dance with us if you’re nearby…


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