Street Fair Saturday

Today was once again a fine sunny day here on the island. We had a morning of classes and welcomed the board of directors here for lunch. They had their meeting down in the yurt and a lunch crew including David and George showed up with sandwiches. David said, “We’re glad you’re here! We made you some food!” and everyone was charmed. Hopefully the board didn’t look too closely at those sandwiches before they ate them.

In the afternoon we hit the beach to work on our tans and feel that salty spray. A fine time was had by all.

The Danes made a us a genuine Danish meal for dinner. It was very tasty and everyone spoke only Danish throughout the meal. This was difficult because a lot of us were rusty in that language, but we got by . Some people put ketchup on their potatoes which sort of tainted the authenticity of the cuisine, but still we felt as if we’d been transported to another land.

After dinner we all headed down to the big Tisbury Street Fair to see the sights and spend what little money we had on fairly useless trinkets. Well, some of us bought ice cream and that isn’t useless.

Walkin’ home at night…

Here’s some shots of the Mimsey crew getting ready for bed:

Good night!


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