Viva Las Vegas!

Jo-Jo woke up early as usual and stared knowingly at the grey skies. “It’s going to rain,” she said. And she was right. It rained again this morning so we called and postponed our much anticipated trip on the Mad Max catamaran. We’re doing it tomorrow no matter what.

Faced with a rainy indoor day, we decided to transport the entire camp to Las Vegas. Our flight landed at 10 am and we all walked into a fine casino (it was actually the main cabin, masterfully transformed into a game room). We played poker and blackjack and also chutes and ladders and twister, two games which aren’t so popular in Vegas these days, but worked well for us. Here’s some shots from the Vegas morning:

After lunch things appeared to be clearing. We decided it wasn’t warm enough for a beach day, but too nice to stay inside. So we loaded the entire camp on board the bus and drove out to Aquinnah to see the famous clay cliffs, take an all camp photo, and eat some ice cream.

While we were gathering for the photo Michael J. Fox walked up to us and said hello to everybody. He talked to just about all the campers and took photos. He was very nice. Here he is charming Nancy:

Life at Jabberwocky is not without it’s conflicts. Here we see Manny attempt to snatch Bruce’s hat and Bruce retaliates. It was a spirited, though good natured fight and they shook hands and made up afterwards, of course.

Hellcat came again for dinner and taught us all a tongues twister. We tried to get her to dance hip hop style but she wasn’t up for it. After dinner we went to a dance performance which was memerizing to those who didn’t fall asleep. Mad Max tomorrow!


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