All Aboard…

Today we woke to sunny skies and so we put on our bathing suits and loaded into the bus right after breakfast. We headed over to Edgartown where we all piled onto the marvelous catamaran “Mad Max”. The whole camp fit on the boat so it was an excellent experience. People in the harbor were looking at us with curiosity as we left empty wheelchairs on the shore and carefully brought each person aboard.

Things could not have been finer for our morning sail. Except a couple of people puked. But this was to be expected we suppose, and even those who felt queasy at the start were laughing and enjoying the sights with the rest of us by the end.

After the sail we had a picnic lunch at Memorial Pier in Edgartown…

…and then we decided to head straight to State Beach in Oak Bluffs to hang out and swim…

This is a photo of Jon’s first swim in the ocean this summer. He was kicking away like a little seal!

Here’s a picture of Dick being loaded into the back of the bus. The other day Dick asked why we don’t have a mechanical lift for the bus and vans and this is a good question. The answer is we find manual lifting a lot quicker and more versatile. It’s more fun too! Although many of our campers use electric wheelchairs at home, we ask that they leave the motors behind when they come here so that we can lift the chairs ourselves. Also, the all the sand at the beach would mess up the gears.

After dinner we had “Challenge Night” which was a lot of fun. Here’s Manny being challenged to and arm wrestling match by Sharon. Sharon won:

And here’s David G. and Cathy D. battling it out in a heated dance off:

And here’s Jordan and Tyrone is a corn flakes eating contest. Tyrone got a bloody nose during this one because he was diving into the bowl so hard. He kept eating the bloody cereal too. Gross city, dude!

We’re all very sad that Sierra is leaving tomorrow. We’ll miss you and hope to see you again soon!


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