New Faces and Getting Ready…

Today was a busy day here at Camp Jabberwocky. We said good-bye to four of our great campers and picked up four new ones over in Wood’s Hole. We were all sorry to see Leif, Hannah, Skye, and Sylar leave, but we were happy to see Matt, Sharon, George, and Manny roll up the drive right before lunch. Manny was in particularly high spirits. He set about immediately lining up dates for each meal and we’re glad to say his language has not cleaned up any. He claims to have lost fifteen pounds, though it’s hard to tell. He’s still pretty hard to lift to the toilet. Here’s a picture of our friend Manny:

We’ll all miss Hannah a lot. Well, maybe we won’t miss her running up and pinching us on the back, but we’ll miss her unique style and curiousity. Whenever we go out she waves over just about every stranger she comes across by saying “C’mere!” and then she proceeds to ask the person a series of questions which always include, “Do you have a dog or a cat?”, “What did you have for lunch today?” and “Do have enough gas in you car to get home?” She also uses a communication device which can be programed to ask or say many different things. On her last day we added a few new ones including “Did you poop today?” and “How would you like a punch in the stomach?” This amused us greatly. Bye Hannah! and Bye Vera (her excellent counselor)! We miss you already. Here’s Hannah conducting and interview with her communication device:

We heard a rumor that George, one of our new campers, could dance like Michael Jackson. Well, it was true! After dinner he amazed us all with a killer dance to “Billie Jean”. Check out his moves:

Another great thing that happened today was co-director Jo-Jo arrived. Boy, we were glad to see her! We told her we’d save any “plumbing” problems for her we she got here and she’s getting right on it, rubber gloves and all. Here she is dancing with Scott at the Ice Cream/Dance party thrown by the Troquina’s outside on the blacktop.

Here’s all of us dancing:

The previous night we went to drumming at the beach. Here’s some pictures from that:

That last one is Joradan giving Jon food through his feeding tube at the beach. We don’t let feeding tubes stop us from eating outside!

We’re very busy now getting ready for the big forth of July parade. Please come out and see us if you’re nearby. We’ve got some good floats in the works. Here’s the giant bull, partially done:

Wait till you see it when it’s painted!


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