Flying Horses!

We slept in a little later this morning due to our big night out at the Superman movie. Or at least some of us slept later. David was up at 5 am, apparently. And so was Nancy Jesseau. We bet their counselors liked that. Breakfast was served at 9am and it was extremely tasty. After that some folks left for horseback riding while others hit the studio to bang the drums. Then we had a nice morning of classes. One of them was a photography class. This is a picture Faith took of Julius grabbing hold of Dick:

And this is a picture Dick took of Faith:

And this is a picture Faith took of Sierra and Bryn in pottery class (that’s Dick in the background):

She also took this one of Chrike, Jon, Jordan and Melissa:

Then Dick took this one of Mari and David:

Then Faith took these at a dance class:

We set a goal today: Everybody Poops. It was a lofty goal, but still we almost made it. One camper claimed he only pooped once every three weeks, which puzzled us all. It still does in fact. We’re hoping to have at least one day when everyone is regular. Perhaps this is more information than you want to hear.

After lunch we took a large group to Oak Bluffs in the big red bus. Everyone walked past the beautiful tabernacle and those funky gingerbread houses…

…and then we headed down Circuit Ave. to the world famous Flying Horses! This is always a lot of fun for us. Skye and Leif both got the special shiny brass rings during their rides. Jason was confused at first because he’d been under the impression we were going to see some real horses out in field somewhere. He got over his bewilderment however and enjoyed riding the wooden horses quite a bit. We’d like to thank the Flying Horses for having supported Camp Jabberwocky for so long (they let us ride for free!).

After we rode the horses we strolled back through town and several people stopped us to say they were excited to see us march in the parade. We’re getting pretty excited about that ourselves. C’mon out and wave to us if you’re in town on the 4th!


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