Windy Wednesday…

It has been another fine day here at Camp Jabberwocky. We woke up at 7:30 and everyone made it to breakfast on time, unbelievably. Then we banged on the drums for a while and went to classes. After that we loaded up the bus for a beach picnic. We were worried it was going to rain, but it didn’t. Instead it was very windy and we all learned why they call them SANDwiches. We tried to get David G. to hold onto the umbrella to see if he would fly away, but he wisely declined. Julius caught a seagull and we snacked on that as well.

Cathy Discillo and Rachel were the only ones brave enough to swim. Nancy Jesseau wrote a dirty poem, except we didn’t realize it was so racy until after she read it at dinnertime. It had some great rhymes in it. After dinner we hopped on the bus again and rode to Edgartown to see “Superman Returns”. We probably ate dinner a little to fast because someone puked up his chicken and rice on the way over. Luckily Tyrone was ready with a plastic bag. Maybe it was all the bouncing around so soon after a meal. We’ll make a note of that. Anyway, the movie was pretty good and we all had fun loading into the theatre, up the stairs and into those rows of seats. Hannah sat still in her seat through the whole thing and that was quite an accomplishment. Superman dies at the end, by the way. Just kidding! He doesn’t! He lives!

We got back to camp after ten pm and got the gang in bed as quickly as possible. Now all the counselors are sitting around rubbing their backs and eating ice cream. And drinking lots of beer. No, that’s another joke! We’re not allowed to drink here. Not even water.


Who would’ve guessed? Our Doctor is also a photographer. We’ve kept him busy with various medical maladies but in his spare time he makes us all smile for the camera. Check them out! Thanks Dr. Steve! We promise not to raid your medicine bag this year.


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