Happy People and Hip Shoes

Happy People and Hip Shoes

Hip Hip Hooray for session 6!!!!! Hello everyone, we are SOOOOO happy over here!!  Our beautiful bus was waiting patiently for our wonderful friends to return…


…and return they did!!!   We got off the boat to the happiest hype party!  We are overjoyed to see everyone again! (We need to be up front here, it was mostly a day of hugging hugging and more hugging.  It was absolutely fabulous!)

It is SOOO good to be able to HUG the biggest HUGS… we have been dreaming of this moment.


Alex and Jeremy know how to stroll in style.

Well hey there Jabberwocky cats!

Jethra greets her fans.

Ready to roll…

Katilin and Michael were twinning the shades.

It’s that moment when we get to be reunited with old friends…  happiness magic!

We all walked up to camp, enjoying the gorgeous day.

Well hello Fay family!!! Wyatt, you make a wonderful honorary member!

Lunch with friends, we have been dreaming of this!

Michael is learning a new communication device under Kim’s direction.  He got right down to business.

Wyatt and Gabi have been all smiles and laughter today!

Phillip and Wyatt were happy to see each other.


Napping is better with friends!

Swing snuggles!

Art porch snuggles…

… and dog walking!

The first day of every session, Kelsey leads an amazing tie dye class!  We all get our camp shirts and then get to tie dye them.  It is truly the best first day activity!

Sofia and Sophaloaf!

Concentration with tongues out is something Hellcat would approve of.  (It was always her way.)

After tie dying, we hung out and played games together. (And hugged each other.)

Darcey wasted no time diving into a Harry Potter read aloud.

Corey was reunited with Monty and Milo!

Monty was VERY happy about it!

Susanna and Lucy hugs are back on!

Tomorrow night we are going to hold our own Illumination Night!  We started our lanterns to be sure we are ready!

All around camp today, friends were doing what we have been waiting to do for WAY too long… be together.

After dinner we had dessert on the beach… because why not?

Yay for snuggle puddles… on the beach!

Thanks Darcey, for making sure that Caroline and Isabel brush their teeth.

We hope you had as great a day as we did!  Sweet Dreams!


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