On Wednesdays We Wear Space Buns

On Wednesdays We Wear Space Buns

Hello friends of Camp Jabberwocky!! Today was simply fabulous. Be ready for our synopsis to give you BIG TIME jealousy!

We spent the whole morning at Native Earth Teaching Farm with our animal friends!

YoYo and Jack weren’t sure about each other at first…

But eventually they warmed up to each other and became best buds.

Rebecca helped us indigo dye our camp t-shirts and other items we brought to the farm!

We came back to camp for lunch and a rest period.

Then we took off on an extra special beach trip to Long Point Beach to go kayaking on Long Point Cove Pond and have a pizza dinner.

Check out our cute beach hair-do for our evening adventure!

We love our directors and we love their space buns!!!!


We’re also very impressed by Zach’s commitment to the trend.

Heart sunglasses are our favorite accessory, thanks to Lucy!


We spent over an hour kayaking around the pond, watching the sun set.


Michael and Liv hung out in Oak Bluffs instead of going kayaking this evening, and Michael got to meet Liv’s dog!

A farm, the beach, and a kayaking trip…all in one day?! We couldn’t have dreamed of anything better! We are fast asleep in our cabins now, getting lots of rest before our last full day of the session tomorrow. Thanks for checking in!!!




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