Another Day in Paradise (Pad)

Another Day in Paradise (Pad)

Hi there! Our day was non-stop….just how we like it around here!

We had french toast, bacon, and eggs for breakfast before heading into or morning activities.

Michael had a visitor to assist him with this morning’s art class!

There was also archery class down at the field.

After lunch we sharpened our competitive edges for the challenge-noon tradition!

Zach and Joshua challenged everyone to a round of hangman. The clue they provided was “disney characters: aristocats.” Any guesses as to what their 7 letter word was?

Then, Chris challenged Zach to a seltzer chug-off, and Chris won by a landslide.

Michael, Robby, Joey, Stacey, and Chris had a foot race, in which Michael took the W.

Bekah challenged anyone who was willing to spelling challenge.

Ava, Joey, Maya, and Maggie challenged each other to a hands-free oreo eating contest. Ava kept her eyes on the prize (with some help from Zach) and won the challenge.

We hung out around camp for a rest period.

Then we went to the beach for the entire afternoon!

Joshua caught some fish!

We took out the Paradise Pad and splashed around, Gracie’s favorite!!!

Then we got ready for a cookout and drumming on the beach with a beautiful sunset! Our dinner included cheeseburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potatoes, and salad.

Here’s a few of our friends showing off their brushing skills because #dentalhygiene.

We’re snoozing away in our cabins so we can make the most of the remainder of the week together! See you tomorrow!






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