Cold Day, Warm Hearts

Brrrrrr!!!! It was SO chilly when we woke up to the camp bell ringing this morning. The sun barely popped out all day, but that didn’t stop us from having an awesome time together!

After breakfast, we cleaned up around camp. Stella, Huck, and Selby swept the floors while Alex (the Trash Fairy) made his rounds to collect the trash around camp.

Maggie, Zach, Kate, and Jake went bike riding for 6.5 miles in the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest in West Tisbury.

Kendra, Selby, Myles, and Stella went on a boat ride with Jack in the Chum Bucket (the name of our boat) in Lake Tashmoo.

Madeline held art class with those that stayed behind.

After lunch, we hosted our weekly Challenge-noon event.

For the first challenge, Kendra challenged Olivia and Jake to a sing and dance off to the song “Save Tonight.”

Then, Jake and Miles challenged anyone who was up for it to a table crawl. The competitors were judged by JoJo and Zach based on speed and creative form.

Stella channeled her gymnastics skills to make it across the table.

Olivia moved like a caterpillar.

Jake stayed low.

Miles crawl was pretty speedy.

Marie opted for the scoot method.

Harry and JB challenged everyone to a “Dahn-off.”

JoJo challenged Alex, Zach, and Huck to a mystery bowl challenge, where the three men had to eat as much of the mystery bowl contents as they could.

Alex challenged Te to a wood-chopping contest. Alex wasn’t able to karate chop the wood in half, but Te did it on the first try.

Last but not least, Zach challenged Maggie, Magen, Ronnie, Huck, and Izzy to an arm wrestling competition. Ronnie was his toughest competition yet, but Zach remains undefeated!

After a long rest period, we packed up the red bus and drove to the beach for a cookout.

Hey Ronnie, thanks for being our lifeguard!

Even though it was windy, cloudy, and 60 degrees out, that didn’t stop Te, Zach, and JB from going for a swim.

Jack made us baked beans, JoJo and Kara grilled sausages and burgers, and Julia and Brynn served our delicious dinner!

We topped off the cookout with warm s’mores! Thanks to Keenan and Huck for roasting our marshmallows juuuuust right!

We’re squeaky clean from our showers and warm in our beds, tucked away for the night. Our fingers are crossed to have some sunshine for our big plans tomorrow.

Thanks for following along and reading about our daily adventures. Check back in tomorrow!!







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