It Was a Zombie Jamboree (and a DIY sunset)

There’s no wrong side of the bed to wake up on at Camp Jabberwocky! When the bell rang, we got up and got ready for another spectacular day at the best place on Earth!

We spent our morning on board the Mad Max, sailing through the Edgartown harbor and admiring the Chappaquiddick coast line. 

Faith, Avery, Kara, and Kellen went up-island for the morning to explore the Chilmark Flea Market and enjoy a picnic lunch together in the beautiful fields behind Featherstone Center for the Arts.

Camp settled down for a rest period after we returned from our morning adventures.

When the bell rang to wake up, it was time for round two of Escape the Jabberwock!! Brynn, Jordan, JoJo, and Kelsey worked so hard to change up all the clues and riddles so that no team had any unfair advantage if they had members that played in round one during the previous session.

The teams this time were:

  • Team Maggie’s Mom’s Mafia: George, Sam S., Faith, James, Jake, Zach, Huck, Jamie, Avery, Kara
  • Team Patty: Moriah, Patty, Sean, Heather, Nat, Bailey, Melissa, Daniel, and Stella
  • Team Money: Nancy, Sam W., Skye, Ophelia, Gabrielle, Selby, Sussie, Alex, Harry

Our teams ran all around camp to find new clues and escape the Jabberwock the fastest.

Here’s our Beamish Boy Keenan…

It was a close race, but the winning team was Team Maggie’s Mom’s Mafia!!!

We hung out on the main cabin porch before dinner, just lookin pretty and soaking up the nice weather before Hurricane Elsa comes through.

Moriah was showing off the shirt she made at camp all day long. There’s a story behind the shirt, but it would take a whole separate blog post to explain, so we’ll table that for now.

The Vineyard Sound visited us for a short but so so sweet outdoor concert! We got to watch and dance and sing along from the main cabin porch.

After our concert and dinner we headed over to West Chop to watch the sunset and have dessert.

The Tum Tum Gals!!!

We finally baked our pies from yesterday’s pie-making class to enjoy while watching the sunset.

It ended up being too cloudy for a real sunset so we reenacted our own sunset and it was just as beautiful as the real thing.

We’re all tucked in at camp now and we can’t wait to wake up and have breakfast on the beach for our last full day at camp. Goodnight!!!




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