A Wednesday Night in West Chop

THE FOURTH OF JULY PARADE IS TOMORROW!!! We spent most of the day gluing, painting, and DEFINITELY NOT ruining our clothing (it will ALL come out in the wash, right???). Anyways, we’re all going to look absolutely beautiful tomorrow and you can see all of our hard work then!

We couldn’t spend the ENTIRE day preparing for the parade though, so we also took a few trips. Today was Ruby’s birthday (!!!), so Tulgeywood celebrated their cabin inspection win with a breakfast trip to the Black Dog. We also all got TATTOOS!!! Ok, maybe they’re not permanent, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool. We had someone come in to do henna on us. Sitting still and waiting for the ink to dry is difficult, but the amazing designs that are now a part of our body were more than worth the down time. We ended the day feeling the urge to get away from camp so we drove over to West Chop and watched a beautiful sunset! Check out these pics from #goldenhour.Here’s a photo of Adrianne and a bunch of Skye (haha, get it?). This is a pretty sparse blog so far (there just wasn’t all that much happening today), so we’ll take this time to showcase some of the creative minds at camp.

Whenever we have downtime at camp, George R. loves to work on his painting. He spends OVER AN HOUR on each piece of art!!! Here’s what George has to say about his artistic process: “I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into these paintings … well, a lot of sweat. And a lot of heartache.” Check out some of his work!

We don’t just paint at camp, we also take some amazing photos (I mean have you seen the blog…). A week ago, we had a special group photography class. Faith shot some beautiful portraits and captured the natural beauty of camp’s flowers. Here are some of the highlights! Did you know that Patty WROTE A BOOK! It’s called The Life of a Late Bloomer. Here’s a short sample of her writing: “In the summer of 2012 at Camp Jabberwocky, I was lucky to be with a cabin full of writers. Patty and Nancy and Faith were all there. About ten of us took a day’s writing course. My story was about when I was 9 years old and I said to my mother, ‘Mom, I really want to become an author.’ She replied with, ‘Patty, who would want to read about a handicapped person?’ I guess you could say that I have called her bluff.”

Some of us are scrambling to finish costumes, and some of us are sleeping to prepare for a day full of screaming, but all of us are beyond excited to show off the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard in the parade tomorrow.



P.S. We managed to grab a WHOLE CAMP PHOTO at the sunset! Don’t we look amazing???


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