Family Camp Session 2 BEGINS!!

There were SO many emotions today!! In the morning we said our fond farewells to the first session of Family Camp, then we all took naps on the beach and got takeout Chinese food. JUST KIDDING, we cleaned camp, washed all the sheets, and made big welcome signs for the NEXT session of Family Camp families who arrived this afternoon!

These families are all brand new to Jabberwocky, so we showed them around, welcomed them to their cabins, pointed out the best hammocks, and got to know each other a bit!

Then Nicole and AJ from Aloha Paddle/Yommi Popsicles came by and we made some amazingly delicious looking fruit and chocolate and coconut popsicles that we will enjoy tomorrow!

Our chefs outdid themselves once again by making ANOTHER amazing Thanksgiving dinner tonight! During Family Camp, Jabberwocky likes to celebrate Thanksgiving three times, because we have so much to be thankful for!

Then some of us headed down to the mosquito ARCHERY field to shoot some arrows with NEDS, while others unpacked a bit more, then we all rejoined to head to Mad Martha’s for some ice cream!

Now we’re getting all cozy in our beds to get ready for a big day of fighting pirates and learning to golf!




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