Splashing Our Way Through Day 3

We began the morning with a brief “listening party” where we were able to energize ourselves through music for the day ahead. Then, it was time for a pool party, courtesy of our hosts Nina and David Fialkow! We had a so much fun swimming and splashing in the waters (for it was such a hot day outside!). Several of us also cruised down the neighboring river on a boat, which was a remarkably relaxing experience. Our lunch consisted of burgers, hot dogs, a variety of salads, chips, and was followed by a delectable selection of Backdoor donuts, Italian ice, watermelon, and gluten free brownies/cookies!

Later in the afternoon, we returned to our campsite and showered. Pork chops for dinner— but the food didn’t stop there! We split into two groups based on our cabins: one group went to the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs, while the other went to Dairy Queen, and the one and only branch on the island! (We will switch on Saturday!)

hmm… twins in the backseat? or maybe triplets?

hearts content with dessert, jamming out to some Michael Jackson!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow for day four.




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