Day 5: Rain, rain go away…

…come again another day?

Unfortunately, the rain ignored our plea— it rained all afternoon and into the evening, postponing all the outdoor activities we were hoping to do. But we had nothing to lose! Wherever the Jabberwocky family goes, the options for fun are boundless! Let’s begin.

With the play less than 2 days away, we woke up ready to roll… the morning was well spent: we worked on music, staging, transitions, and other organizational shenanigans.

We had originally planned to go to the beach in the afternoon as per usual, but the rain kept us tucked away at camp. So we huddled together in the studio to watch The Princess Bride (hmm, what a coincidence…).

After that, we dispersed across camp to either: meditate/stretch via yoga, make bracelets and other crafts, play board games, relax in our cabins, or brave the rain to explore town.

Following an AHH-mazing dinner of homemade lasagna, spaghetti, garlic bread, and double chocolatey coconut caramel brownie bars (yes please!), it was time for… CABIN CHALLENGE !!! Face-offs included best impersonation, tongue twisters, silly faces, vehicle trivia, the list goes on…

The judges, in the midst of deciding the winners of round 3

Thank goodness laughing burns calories! Off to bed we go now… and hoping the rain doesn’t catch us again tomorrow!

P.S. Shoutout to nurse Donna for being the most loving, kindhearted, and all-around wonderful woman she is! We will all miss you very much; take care and see you next year!!

You can always count on her to keep everybody’s medications and supplements straight!




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