Day 1 of Period 4: Ready for S’more?

Day 1 of Period 4: Ready for S’more?

Time seriously flies…

This morning, we said our goodbye’s and see you next year’s to many campers as period 3 came to a close. After sending them off, we picked up our next group of campers; the campsite was buzzing with excitement as we welcomed both new and old faces.

While the crazy hustle bustle was happening at the ferry, some campers (who were staying for the next period) stayed at camp to partake in pottery and archery activities!

Once everyone arrived, we gathered in the main cabin for a hearty meal of spaghetti and meatball subs. The afternoon that followed gave time for all to unpack, chat, and settle in.

At 4, we met in the studio to watch and/or act in a surprise skit for Cy’s birthday! Many of our loved ones from all around town came to enjoy the show, and there was also ice cream:

Then… we were off to Drumming on the Beach— a Jabberwocky staple featuring a cookout with burgers/hot dogs/pasta/baked beans as well as some s’mores (how could any evening cookout be complete without ’em anyway?)    

We sang, danced, and drummed as the sun went down. Cheers to new beginnings!




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