Goats, Boats, and Floats

Our day today was jam-packed with tons of fun activities! While some of camp stayed on location for some classes, two trips were planned for both periods: PAINTING AT OWEN PARK and A TRIP TO THE GOAT FARM!!!

The ever-lovely Kaitlin Burkle planned a landscape painting class of the ocean as viewed from the Owen Park gazebo. Thanks Kaitlin!

Skylar instead painted Burkle as a token of our appreciation.

Some of camp went to the goat farm as well!

Baby goats were held.

Baby goats were admired.

Chicken impressions were performed.

Then we headed to the beach!

Look at our lifeguards, always guarding our lives. Where would we be without them?!

Air guitar solos were practiced in preparation for studio night tonight!

Then we had our second studio night of the season!

Thanks to Te and Zach for emcee’ing the show tonight!

The Tulgeymamas danced to “We Are Family”.

Galumphing showed off their ballerina moves to “Let It Go”.

Sam Wood reminded us all that he was BORN to play the Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Jub Jub showed us how to Wobble.

Sue got her steps in dancing to Shawn Mendes.

Whoa, is that Danny Zuko?!?

Te took a break from emcee’ing to show off his angelic voice..

..But he was interrupted by Myles BH who reminded us who has the hottest rap game in camp (in case you forgot).

The night was wrapped up by Holly singing “Bingo”. Tomorrow we’re going to both a pool party and the street fair!




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