Play Ball!

Today was a real scorchah and we were still recovering from prom, so we were super grateful that the Edgartown Cinema invited Camp Jabberwocky to come to a private screening of The Incredibles 2 this morning! We were too busy enjoying snacks and air conditioning to take any pictures, plus they ask you to follow the rules and turn your cell phone off for the duration of the film and who were we to not comply with such a reasonable request.

After the movie, we came home to an impromptu pizza party and took a quick disco nap to dream up some creative ideas for our parade costumes! Did you know it’s July?? Did you know that means the 4th of July is Wednesday?? Did you know we are about to be covered in glitter and cardboard?! Did you know some people have very strong feelings about the term “disco nap”?!?!

As the day started to cool down a teensy bit, we changed into our purplest outfits and headed over to watch some of our favorite land-based  athletic sea creatures, the VINEYARD SHARKS! We came ready with signs and cheers, and they stopped by to say hi and to thank us for always being so energetic and purple!

Sorry about yesterday, Tim’s mom. Let me make it up to you with some additional TimPics™

Seth got to throw out the first pitch, and then the game was on! We got so into the competition that we wanted to start having some competitions too! Faith and Maggie raced to see who could tackle a Sharks player and steal his outfit (or something like that). Faith won and Maggie just has to live with that.

Tim and Mike played each other in Zorb-soccer ball, and don’t worry Tim’s mom- even though it looks like Tim’s head and neck might be at risk, he was perfectly safe the entire time. 

Finally, we ended the night with a big race to home plate, and then kept racing right onto the red bus! 

We had to hop into bed pretty quickly because tomorrow is a big day of fighting pirates and going to the beach… and also the start of parade prep!!




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