Salt Water and Studio Night!

Another day at Jabberwocky in the books! And it was SUNNY!! Actually, it was SWEATY!

Camp broke into two groups this morning: 

One went to a writer’s workshop! The prompt for today was “what I wanted to tell you”and everyone told incredible stories. It is always fun going to Nancy’s house!

The other crew had a wonderful experience during “Dralla Day on the Catamaran”. The Dralla Foundation’s mission is to give individuals with physical challenges an unforgettable day, and they were kind enough to give Jabberwocky funding for a couple trips on the Mad Max this summer! We ditched some wheelchairs, hopped on the boat, and truly did have an unforgettable day cruising the Edgartown harbor, soaking up some sun, and breathing in that salt air! Thanks, Dralla!!

We spent the afternoon back at camp hearing about everyone’s morning adventures.  

The best news is that our new friend Leland has arrived! His first time at Jabberwocky was two years ago at family camp but this time he decided to leave his family at home for his own adventure!

Welcome, Leland!

The day ended in true Jabberwocky fashion with the first STUDIO NIGHT 2018! The crowd went wild during many songs, skits and a reading by Patty from her own published book!

Today was relaxing, sweaty and amazing. How lucky are we to spend our summers with our favorite people on our favorite island? Talk tomorrow!

Love, Camp


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