I scream, you scream, we all scream for A CAPPELLA (and ice cream)

This morning our incredible chefs Dan and Wallis woke up at the crack of dawn to crack some eggs for a delicious hot breakfast! 

We fueled up on protein and coffee, then we made our way down to Grace Church to atone for some sins, meet some neighbors, and sing a few songs! Grace Church donated the land to create Camp Jabberwocky waaaaaaay back in the day, and we are still so grateful for the community they share with us!

Even though quite a few of us may have prayed for a beach day, I think even more prayed for ice cream, because it was overcast this afternoon so we loaded up the bus and headed to Aquinnah for some photo ops and ice cream cones!

Faith took a swanky, modern electric lift out of a bus

But Te opted for a more hands-on approach!

The lighting was perfect and the wind blew everyone’s hair elegantly back, so we took a bunch of head shots and cabin family photos to send around to some modeling agencies and our moms. 

It got a little cold up on those cliffs, but we weren’t going to let something like a bone-chilling fog get in the way of eating icy cold soft serve, were we?!

JoJo has really been perfecting her “embarrassing parent taking a billion pictures at your high school graduation” pose.

After dessert, we headed back to Camp for some dinner and to greet with open arms THE VINEYARD SOUND!!! We love having old and new friends come to share a meal, and the Vineyard Sound members are always such wonderful dinner guests. They dress up, tell us about their dogs, listen to our hundreds of Camp stories, and even entertain us afterwards!

Marie and her ladies were so impressed by the bold pastels the Vineyard Sound pulled off!

Faith started off the dinner right with our first evening reading: a passionate rendition of the Jabberwocky poem by Lewis Carroll. For those of you playing at home, that poem is where we get our Camp’s name, as it is full of a lot of whimsy, a little nonsense, and a good life lesson about conquering fears and celebrating each other… just like Camp! It is also full of children using swords, wandering around the forest alone, and murder… not just like Camp!

We also were punished TREATED to a special performance by the Sound of the Vineyard, the officially unofficial JV team of the Vineyard Sound. They performed The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and man did they sing loud!

Next up, The Vineyard Sound decided to show SotV how it was done, and they definitely earned their keep and an invite back ASAP.

Their voices were angelic, their choreography was impeccable, and everything was going great until an alien burst out of one of their chests. We didn’t cover aliens in our CPR or First Aid training, so I guess we have to go get some additional certification or something.

Hope he gets better in time for their next visit… and hope it wasn’t Dan and Wallis’ cooking! Thank you again for coming, Vineyard Sound! Sorry about this cell phone photo- the pic with the real camera had too many male nipples. 

Tomorrow there’s more rain in the forecast so we are planning on some small cabin trips and maybe a movie night in the studio! Can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures tomorrow!





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