Camper Dropoff Information!!

Hello everyone!!! The first session of Camp Jabberwocky is starting THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 22nd!! We absolutely cannot wait to hug everyone!!!

There is some **updated, brand new** information about dropoff that we want you to please share with any parent/guardian/ride that are bringing people to the ferry on Friday.

TIME: Be there by 9:45am to Woods Hole! We begin loading the boat at 10:15!

UPDATED LOCATION: There are big changes currently in Woods Hole. The original ticket office has been torn down and the section of handicapped parking spots is no longer available. We will be meeting at the NEW Steamship Authority ticket office. Please meet there with your luggage and the SSA will bring a special cart over to us. Don’t not put your luggage on a cart without checking with Sully, it might not make it to camp if it is not on our own camp cart!! Also please LABEL ALL LUGGAGE!

PARKING: There is only one handicapped parking spot and minimal parking for drop-off. We are recommending that you drop off your family member and luggage with Sully and move along so another person can do the same. If you would like to stay until the boat arrives we ask that you park on one of the Woods Hole side streets. Please do not feel like you need to stay until the boat leaves, we will have plenty of pushers once the boat arrives.

SUNBLOCK: The new ticket office doesn’t have shade so please put on sunblock prior to your arrival, Sully will also bring extra.

QUESTIONS?! CALL SULLY! 617-686-9293

Here is the new location:

And here is the view from the new location of the ferries:


Please spread the news!! See you soon!





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