Mad Max-imum fun today!

Today was the last full day of this summer’s first session of Family Camp (noooooo), and we wanted to go out in style. So, we asked ourselves an important question: what’s the most stylish thing we could do today? The answer was clearly sail around Edgartown’s harbor on a luxurious catamaran, so we loaded up the Red Bus and made our way out onto the open seas with our friends at Mad Max. It was a beautiful day for sailing, and we all nailed that classic windswept sailor aesthetic.

After the boat, we hung around Edgartown to eat lunch, followed by some ice cream in town (of course) and a liiiiiittle bit of souvenir shopping.

When we got back to Camp, we realized that there was only so much fun that you can have with parents hanging around, so we kicked them out for the night so we could really get down to some classic Camp Jabberwocky activities. We of course started with dessert (thanks Jake!!), then we headed down to the studio for a talent show!

Some people danced to Gangam Style, Maeve and her sisters had a surprise twist in their Thriller performance, Liam put on his much-anticipated play, a lot of kids showed off their soccer skills, Julia and Michaela danced the night away to Justin Bieber, Matthew serenaded us with some Ariana Grande, and Alexis and Jessica had a great sister skit.

Naturally, the talent show turned into a dance party.

We then enjoyed some more snacks and a special screening of Moana, followed by bed.

Meanwhile, the parents stayed out a full 2 hours past curfew! We were excited that the tables were turned and it was the KIDS turn to scold the PARENTS…

…but when they told us what they had been up to, we forgave them. The parents got to hang out together, go paddle boarding at sunset, then enjoy a delicious paella meal at the beach!

Overall, it was a perfect finish to an incredible weekend. Friendships have been made, desserts have been enjoyed, and we are sending everyone home sandy, sleepy, and sad to leave. Until next year!!




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