Wimblewocky and water sports!


We had a busy day filled with play practice and other fun things!

Today was the fourth annual Wimblewocky tournament! A big thank you to Dr. Steve and Kathy for organizing it for us!

Ryno posing with the prizes.

For the first time ever, there was a female division! Cathy and Patty were runners-up, and Faith was our champion!

Sue was our ball girl. 

Kellen and George stretch it out before his debut.

Myles B.H. was our male division winner!

Then some of us went kayaking!

Happy birthday Jaterrica!

Others went fishing on the Skipper! Almost everyone caught a fish!

Te caught SEVEN fish today!

Skylar proudly shows off his catch.

Jon practiced his dance moves for the play.

*”My Heart Will Go On” plays in the background*




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