Illumination Night!

So, a late night last night and difficulties with blog formatting this morning may make this post a little… creative. Imagine that all the text is intermingled with the pictures below!

Today, Thursday, started off with classes, like normal. We had Pottery, Fairy House Construction, and Languages with Kevin and Athena. There was also a master cooking class with Josh in Outgrabe that some people attended for the full two hours!

We all had a great time (obviously) and continued the momentum into a delicious lunch and a speedy beach trip in the afternoon (it was so speedy that we didn’t get any pictures!)

When we made it back to camp and got all showered up, we had just enough time for a phenomenal dinner before we loaded up the bus one more time and headed to Oak Bluffs for ILLUMINATION NIGHT!!!

Illumination night is when the Camp Meeting Association organizes a night of singing and beautiful lights in and around the Tabernacle in OB. We got to walk around town and the gingerbread houses for the evening. Some people got ice cream, donuts, and even a glimpse of President Obama! One group found our friend Olivia who was raising money for camp right by camp’s first home, Happy Daze. It was neat to take a picture in front of such an important piece of camp’s history!

We stayed out very late and have a late wake up on Friday.. But more to come about our activities on Friday later! 

Love, Camp


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