Wortman’s cookout and studio night!

Boy oh boy did we do so many things today. Ready to hear about them? Great.

So we woke up this morning to the delicious smell of bacon wafting throughout camp. And man nothing helps you get ready for the day better than eau de bacon. After eating aforementioned bacon, we headed down to the black top to take our traditional annual bus photo!! 

Look at these beautiful smiling faces! And then these beautiful silly faces!

jabb2016day16-1 jabb2016day16-2 jabb2016day16-3

After the photo, we just hopped on the bus to go to one of our favorite events of the summer: The cookout at the Wortman’s home! We love them and their hospitality, hammock, backyard, beach, and ice cream! Thank you to Denys and Marilyn for such a relaxing day and a great way to spend time getting to know each other and plan for studio night!

jabb2016day16-4 jabb2016day16-5 IMG_9465 IMG_9460 jabb2016day16-6 jabb2016day16-7 jabb2016day16-8 jabb2016day16-9 jabb2016day16-10 jabb2016day16-11 jabb2016day16-12 jabb2016day16-13 jabb2016day16-14

Look Katie’s friends and family, I promised!! She’s having a great time!jabb2016day16-15 jabb2016day16-16

Auntie Bethie finally got to meet Sully’s newest, Lawson!jabb2016day16-17 jabb2016day16-18 jabb2016day16-19 jabb2016day16-20 jabb2016day16-21

Hey everyone, this is Ben and Adams! They’re from Camp Looking Glass and we’re waaaaay too excited to have them here for the next two weeks! Enjoy this totally candid photo of them!jabb2016day16-22 jabb2016day16-23 jabb2016day16-24 jabb2016day16-25 jabb2016day16-26 jabb2016day16-27 jabb2016day16-28

As Jason was swimming, he kept saying “perfect”. And he was right, everything was perfect.

jabb2016day16-29 jabb2016day16-30 jabb2016day16-31 jabb2016day16-32 jabb2016day16-33 jabb2016day16-34 jabb2016day16-35 jabb2016day16-36 jabb2016day16-37

Myles I demonstrated how to properly scream for ice creamjabb2016day16-38 jabb2016day16-39 jabb2016day16-40

We asked Holly what she liked more- ice cream or Camp Jabberwocky. She said Camp Jabberwocky!jabb2016day16-41 jabb2016day16-42 jabb2016day16-43 jabb2016day16-44 jabb2016day16-45 jabb2016day16-46

Somehow the swing turned Myles into an eight-legged octopus! jabb2016day16-47 jabb2016day16-48 jabb2016day16-49 jabb2016day16-50 jabb2016day16-51 jabb2016day16-52

The Wortman’s have a great dock where we can swim, and Andres got the chance to show us some of his very impressive, olympic swimming moves. He gave us some backstroke lessons and smoked us in some races. But we probably could have guessed that would happen, judging by the fact that he came prepared with his own swim cap!jabb2016day16-53 jabb2016day16-55 jabb2016day16-56 jabb2016day16-57kg dock -1jabb2016day16-58 jabb2016day16-59 jabb2016day16-60

After waving goodbye to the Wortman’s, we got back to camp and started practicing for studio night. It was amazing to see some of our new campers and counselors put themselves out there on stage and show us some of their talents! People did lots of dances, singing, joke telling, impressions, and arm wrestling, and here are pictures of everything:

Marie did a rap about her best friends at Camp, Becca and Julia

jabb2016day16-61 jabb2016day16-62Jake wooed Kendra as she sang K-Ci and JoJo!

Myles and Matthew were hosts of the impressions game, where they would do Disney impressions and counselors would have to guess who they were being!jabb2016day16-64 jabb2016day16-65 jabb2016day16-66

When counselors got their amazing impressions WRONG, they were punished with various tasks such as smelling Sam’s feet. eww.jabb2016day16-67

Ryno danced to a Beatle’s song and we all sang alongjabb2016day16-68 jabb2016day16-69

Our fearless emcees, Claire and Myles, told lots of food pun jokes and seemed to enjoy them at LEAST as much as we did. jabb2016day16-70

Leif told a story and said in it that the best part of his year was coming back to Campjabb2016day16-71

David and Eugenia sang a song from High School Musical and brought the house down!

jabb2016day16-72 jabb2016day16-73

Bethie slayed the crowd with spot-on impressions of some friends and cabinmates from Camp! Then she did a beautiful rendition of the Jabberwock poem.

IMG_2282 Stef did a great dance with JoJo! And Sam and Larkin also did a great dance!jabb2016day16-74 jabb2016day16-75 jabb2016day16-76 jabb2016day16-77

Holly performed Bingo with Hannah! jabb2016day16-78 jabb2016day16-79

Ben challenged some of Jabberwocky’s strongest to an arm wrestling tournament and of course he crushed them all!jabb2016day16-80 jabb2016day16-81 jabb2016day16-82

George paid tribute to Prince with some great dancing AND singing, and Juan did a cool robotic dance!
jabb2016day16-83 jabb2016day16-84 jabb2016day16-85

Scott serenaded his new counselors with a fiery hot song! jabb2016day16-86 jabb2016day16-87

Sophie and Shirley danced to Alicia Keys and did a great job!jabb2016day16-88 jabb2016day16-89 jabb2016day16-90 jabb2016day16-91 jabb2016day16-92

Sue and Gabs had a fantastic dance routine to Avril Lavigne jabb2016day16-93 jabb2016day16-94

Skye wrote and directed a skit in which a lot of his friends got pied in the face, which was soooo kind of him! 
jabb2016day16-95 jabb2016day16-96 jabb2016day16-97

Mimsy ladies danced to Don’t Worry, Be Happy, because they don’t worry and they ARE happy!jabb2016day16-98 jabb2016day16-99

Dom showed off some sweet Wiggles moves!jabb2016day16-100 jabb2016day16-101 jabb2016day16-102

We made Caroline and Eugenia sing us a beautiful song and it was totally worth forcing them to get on stage! Thanks ladies!!jabb2016day16-103

Sam Wood dedicated “Beauty School Dropout” to his prom date to encourage her to stop being a slacker and find a job already… nice try, Sam!jabb2016day16-104

Gyre and Gimble whipped AND nae naed, possibly at the same time.jabb2016day16-105 jabb2016day16-106 jabb2016day16-107 jabb2016day16-108 jabb2016day16-109

The twins danced to Kiss the Girl and it was so much fun to dance and to watch!jabb2016day16-110 jabb2016day16-111 jabb2016day16-112 jabb2016day16-115

The Tulgey Mamas danced to “Walking on Sunshine”, but the photographer was in the act so you’re just going to have to use your imagination with Sue and Bethie dancing around Cathy who was dressed as a beautiful sun. And to top it all off, Faith and Jake performed a very realistic version of Singing in the Rain!

jabb2016day16-113 jabb2016day16-114 jabb2016day16-116 jabb2016day16-117

If you can believe it, we have an even BUSIER day tomorrow, so we will go to bed now and rest up to keep living the dream.




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