Hello! Today we all woke up to some soothing rain and remembered today that the world (and also therefore Camp) continues on after the Fourth of July, even though our muscles and vocal chords begged to differ. Thankfully, our schedule for the day was simultaneously exciting and leisurely! We loaded up all our vehicles and went to the Edgartown Cinema for some lunch and a private Jabberwocky showing of Finding Dory! Finding Dory had everyone laughing, crying, soul-searching, and only a couple people snoring. 

After we all learned from cartoon fish and grew as people and friends, we came back to Camp and tried very hard to ignore the fact that we were packing and cleaning. You might be thinking- Packing? Why? Campers just got here! But actually, you would be shockingly wrong because apparently it’s been 14 days. What! So, unfortunately, tonight was the last Jabberwocky night of the summer for some of our family members. 

In this time of sadness, we turned to the immortal lessons of Taylor Swift and decided to Shake It Off. So we loaded up the bus, fired up the grills, and had a good ol’ fashioned drumming on the beach tonight!! Special thanks to Kellen for taking all these photos! 


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We will almost certainly be crying with sadness and joy tomorrow for changeover day, because we don’t want to say goodbye to anyone but we are so excited to see all our new and old friends coming tomorrow!




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