Race to the Finish… and Studio Night!

Get ready for an epic post with a gajillion photos, because we had an extra-special, extra-long day! We got up way earlier than usual so we could make it to the starting line of the Race for Jabberwocky in plenty of time!


The Sciortino sisters demonstrate what’s a healthy breakfast before running 5k–bread and blue gatorade.

_DSC0633Although everyone else ate the yummy egg and cheese sandwiches Patty and Leslie made, once we arrived at the Farm Institute in Katama where the race was held.





_DSC0625Everyone getting psychologically ready for the race.


Time for some family photos–here’s Cy and his mom.


Winter mom and daughter–where would the race be without them?


Daniel and his dad.


Caitlin, Alex, Susannah, and Sam


Tori and her dad


Peter and his mom



Kristen and baby


Rachel M. and Evie



The merch table



Harland and Mac

_DSC0654Jack’s about to start the fun run.



And they’re off!
_DSC0669Yeah, Gracie!


Fun run winner.


Here comes Peter!




Chris M. gravely examines the medal Liza just hung around his neck.


_DSC0723Heather, Ashley, and Alex are ready to cheer on the 5K runners.


Alex got a cool henna tattoo the day before! (Don’t worry, Alex’s Mom, it’s not permanent!)


The wheelchair racers are now ready to go!




And the 5K has begun! Early front runners.

_DSC0744Look who has #1! Our Carla!


Daniel races with his family


I really admired this man’s beard and I think you will too!



Bike riders Tyler and Peter.


And Jenna and Erin.


Jeremy’s wheelchair broke down right at the beginning of the race. He was very philosophical about it.


Katie D. and John K. keep track of when all the runners cross the finish line.


Kyle is the number one wheelchair racer! I heard he only had to run over one person to achieve this.




James B. awaiting the return of runners.








Michael P’s chair corners well!





Daniel bringing it home.


Here comes Chris B.




Team Justin!




Grace and Heather didn’t run the 5K, but that didn’t stop them from running over the finish line in dramatic style.


First place dog!


James B. meets the second place dog.




Meanwhile, Michael F. relaxed the whole time.


Peter waits to greet his dad as he crosses the finish line.


Sweaty, triumphant Daniel K. family after picture.


No, but wait! This is actually the Daniel K. family after picture! This is how many people Daniel’s parents brought to the race!


No, wait, there are more awesome racers who accompanied Daniel’s parents! So many we can’t fit them all in one picture. Thanks so much to all of them!



Leys hands out the awards.


With some help from her friends.


Kyle getting all emo about being a winner.




Kevin receiving his award.





Dance party on the bus before we head home.


This is how Jabberwocky counselors stretch after a race.


After lunch, a small group went to the beach. (And a large group stayed back at camp to get some rest and do other stuff after our big morning.)



Luckily it’s possible to rest on the beach too.




Tony doesn’t need to rest though. He’s ready for anything.





After dinner we had a Studio Night where each cabin did skits and songs that we had somehow found time to”rehearse.” I don’t want to brag or anything, but our antics were filmed by CBS for a well-known show that you’ve probably heard of. The film crew wanted to spend every second with us, but during the middle of the day they were called away to cover some nobodies like Obama and the Clintons.


MC Adam

_DSC0102and MC Kevin



Momeraths number from “The Sound of Music” somehow mashed up into “Greased Lightning.”

_DSC0078Has there ever been a Jabberwocky Studio Night that did not include “Greased Lightning”?


Bandersnatch covered The Wizard of Oz.


Josh K. was the Mayor of Munchkinland.


Taylor and Nathan will take any opportunity to wear tutus. Can you blame them?
_DSC0101And you remember the part of The Wizard of Oz where Usher comes on, right?


Kevin and Michael P. sang The Star-Spangled Banner.


Andrew Z. sang “Kokomo.”


The choreographic stylings of Slithy Toves!



Jub Jub composed an original song called “Wong.”

_DSC0120It was sensational! Maybe they can get a record deal.

There was something about Adam being a cunning… nope, can’t remember.


Galumphing’s sketch was full of blood-shed.




While Mimsy (Amanda, Alex, Claire, Heather, and Grace) melted our hearts with “Let It Go” from Frozen.








Richard introduced Tulgeywood’s skit: “Live from New York… It’s Saturday Night!”


“Cheeseburger! Pepsi!”


“May I have a tossed salad?”

On a more serious note, tomorrow we have to say au revoir to three beloved campers: Tori, James B., and Justin. We’re so glad you could come and we’ll see you next summer!







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