Sailboats and wooden boats

Today a group of us were invited by the adaptive sailing program Shake A Leg Foundation to take a sail aboard the Possible Dream. (That’s actually Impossible Dream with the “Im” crossed out, but we don’t have that kind of typography on this blog.)




Preparing to go on the vessel.


Some of you may remember the trips camp used to take on the Alabama, and how nightmarish it was to get on. 


But look at this, you just roll onto this sailboat as easy as pie because it was designed especially for wheelchairs.











This craft had everything! Even a dog!




Oh man, Jeremy is steering the boat?








Thank you so much to Deborah, Harry, and Susan for a really wonderful time!



Meanwhile, back at camp, we had a scavenger hunt!


After lunch it was time for fun in the sun at the beach.



Michael F. went in the ocean all the way up to his waist. No piggy-front! He walked down to the water all by himself.




Erin had a bit of a stomach bug the other day, but we are happy to report that she is better! So much better, in fact, that we put her to work helping us.


Why is Josh K. wearing a turkey on his head? Oh, because…

_DSC0409Cooks Lesley and Patty with little Susannah


…we had an amazing dinner–Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin’s, including cranberry sauce, green beans, and stuffing. A big thank you to all our cooks, who also made hors d’oeuvres for our last activity of the day… 



…a fundraiser at West Chop. Generous donors ate the hors d’oeuvres and listened to speeches by campers Tori (pictured above) and Kevin and counselor Molly (and possibly other people too.)


Then the rest of camp showed up at the pier at West Chop.


We brought dessert for us and our West Chop friends.






When will Justin ever learn to chill out and relax?






In case you can’t tell, today was orange shirt day, as decreed by Andrew Z.










Orange complements a setting sun nicely.



And now for a medley of photos of Josh K., because he was having such a good time and was extra photogenic.


















_DSC0375 (1)




















Robbie was the official greeter for our West Chop friends.

_DSC0407I’m not sure if this is one of the country club members or our hard-working cook Patty? 

_DSC0414Young West Chop friends enjoying dessert. 




We were happy to see Emily C.!



_DSC0423We sang a song in a round for our friends (not pictured, too busy singing for photos)…



enjoyed the sunset…



and then we all took wooden boats that camp folk had made earlier, made wishes, lit the boats on fire, and set them out to sea.



This is what they look like twinkling in the water.

Not to be crass, but we learned that a goodly amount of money was donated to Camp Jabberwocky this evening at the fundraiser, and that makes us feel very grateful. It’s nice to know we can afford more beach days, more special trips, and more time to sit and watch the sunset. Today was a great mixture of the things money can buy and the things it can’t, like the priceless time we spend hanging out together and making our own fun. It looks like our friends at West Chop are enjoying the summer on the Vineyard too, but no one has as much fun as Jabberwocky does! 



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