Celtics Game Folly Recap!

On Superbowl Sunday, 60 campers, counselors, board members, and small children got some extra sports in and reunited at a Celtics game! Campers came as far as the Vineyard, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island to get to this folly, and miraculously there was no blizzard to brave this year! We ate pizza, talked about our boring, non-camp year so far, counted down the days until camp begins, ate more pizza, ran around and hugged all of our friends, and sometimes we watched the game. It was perfect! We want to thank Dave Hoffman and everyone at the Celtics who helped make this reunion so successful and delicious! The Celtics ended up winning, and so did Jabberwocky 🙂 

Below you will find a smattering of pictures we took!

Check back for more folly opportunities later this winter!




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photo 4 photo 1


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