Final Blog of the Season. Looking Forward to 2014

 After getting home very late from the fireworks
on Friday night, we looked forward to our 
early wakeup so we could go to the race.
We kind of jumped out of our beds and 
skipped down to the main cabin, singing 
cheery songs all the way.
(it was something like that)
We all made it on the bus and to the race
with plenty of time to enjoy our Backdoor 
Donuts and pose for some pix.

Sky of blue and sea of green….

Here’s a nice “before” photo.

Chris didn’t have a pistol to start the race, 
but he was still excited to push the magic button.

Off they go.

Here comes runner #1. Why, it’s our own Wes.
Go Wes!

And here are our first camp runners.
Michael and Gui.
One of them is pretty sweaty.

And there’s a fellow from the Vineyard Sound.
That’s a pretty formal running outfit.

Here’s Team Athena.
Go girls!

Peter is our first camper in.
Hey, that looks like Wes with him.
I guess Wes needed some more exercise.

And there is a cheering section for all the runners.

Awards time

After a nap back at camp, it was time to go on a 
scavenger hunt to find all the campers’ clothes.
Then it was pack, beach, dinner and sunset
at Aquinnah.
It was a beautiful way to end the session.

And so it goes.
We’re sad, and exhausted, and already talking 
about next summer.
Hope you enjoyed following our 
adventures this summer.
Happy trails.


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