Saturday’s News and Photos

The Chilmark road race was Saturday morning.
Some of the campers and counselors raced,
and some handed out flyers to invite runners
to come to our race next Saturday.

It was Richard’s and Chris’s birthday, so we 
sang to them 3 times, had cupcakes at the beach
and a treat after dinner.
At the beach we did some snacking, swimming,
styling, chatting, chilling, dancing and digging.

Andrew models his new bamboo shades.
I guess they are the latest in fashion.
But what do I know.

Rachel and her dough boys had a special surprise
for the campers when they got back from the Dobbies and 
a sunset bus ride.
There is an actual Back Door Donuts
in Oak Bluffs which serves freshly 
baked goodies out their back door (of course)
into the wee hours. Hungry
customers line up in the parking 
lot, next to the dumpsters, and wait 
eagerly (ok, some impatiently) for their turn.
The campers have missed out on this Vineyard
tradition, so Rachel brought it to them.


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