Night Kayaking and a Picnic

Since we all can’t fit on some of the trips, we do 
two so no one feels left behind.
 (unless they miss the bus, that is)
Anyway, one group had a picnic at
East Chop Lighthouse, which was 
quite relaxing and beautiful.
(If you’re into ocean views, lighthouses, sunsets, 
and sailboats that is.)
Are you jealous yet?
And to top that, we visited
Dairy Queen, where we feasted
til ice cream ran down our faces.
You get the picture.

The cousins, John and Drew.

It’s nice to have your kid with you,
even if they’re all grown up.

A group took the On Time III (or IV or VI) over
to Chappy and kayaked on a pond.
It was restful (except for the current) and 
no one missed the boat back.


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