A Little of This and That

Yesterday, some campers went to Meghan’s house for lunch.


 The rain continued to plague us today, but we found stuff to do anyway.
A bit of bingo, some puppet making, and garbage can basketball
 occupied us in the a.m., then we were off to the movies.

Tonight was Cabin Challenge.
The judges didn’t get bribed, and the campers were all
 so talented that it was a tie all the way to the end.
 Brie bravely assisted the bubble blowers.

There were some original dance moves.
And some too speedy for my camera.

Paul keeps his plate in place.

The blindfolded artists at work.

Dr. Tom gets ready for the smelly feet contest.

Dori points out the finer features of Fogey’s feet.
Whew, and Craig wins this one.

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