A Not So Sunny Day in Paradise

After music class, we jumped into our activities.
MV florist dropped off some flowers, so we made 
arrangements for the tables.
They were pretty festive.
Jane was our guest artist this morning, and she set up
some summer items to inspire us while we painted.

We tried a little bit of ladder golf and croquet 
to round out the morning activities.

After lunch we ignored the ominous clouds and slight sprinkles,
 and headed out to Oak Bluffs to fly kites, eat ice cream, 
hang out in the arcade, and act like tourists.
 It was a very successful afternoon.
And tonight was Studio Night. 
We were amazing, of course.
Our stunning and talented Emcees,
Hannah and Brie.

Joe and Dori sang “The Wheels on the Bus”

The Galumphing group demonstrated how to eat donuts 
without getting powdered sugar all over your hands.

The G & G girls showed us what Livy’s cats do 
when she’s off to camp.

We had some tryouts for the Vineyard Sound.

A ballet dancer would be a nice addition to an 
a cappella group, don’t you think?

There was a shootout, but luckily they both missed.

There was much singing….

And dancing too.


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