JUBILEE!!!!! It was tonight!

Today was a scorchah, so some of us went to Menemsha for lunch and some of us went kayaking with Ken!


Skye got some quality drawing in, then we all realized we were prone to heatstroke and headed directly into the water… or brought the water to the beach sitters.
The kayakers were smart and spent most of the day in the water or getting ice cream!

THEN THERE WAS THE JUBILEE!! Jubilee is in fact the best word to describe it. We all dressed in nice camp clothes and practiced some songs on the way there to entertain our old and new friends.
Bethie put on her special short wig for the occasion 

What a cutie!

What another cutie!

Counselors and campers are starting to look alike. It’s that time of the summer.

The jubilee took place in the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle, right when the light was perfect. Because camp is perfect.

There was a silent auction that had beautiful artwork from campers and wonderful trips and gifts from people who love camp. Thanks, guys!

Momeraths helped greet everyone with smiles and programs

Sue Harrington kept Kaitlin and Julia in line over at the merch table.

Cath stamped with a smile.

Look how beautiful everyone was, especially Faith!

There was a slideshow running the whole time with pictures from the past 60 years of camp, lots of old campers and counselors loved reminiscing and laughing at awkward photos of themselves and the old plays.

Look! Mike Ho shaved his head!

Hankapotamus didn’t trust us to learn the words. Shine a light through an open door, Hank. Shine it.

Nancy C was also a stunner tonight 🙂

We had several wonderful performances from people such as David Crohan! Thank you for tickling those keys for us! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Also the Vineyard Sound performed and said some wonderfully sweet things about how we are their favorite fans and they are all going to become counselors next year or run music class or some legally binding verbal commitment like that. We love you guys!

Kelsey’s parents were there! Hi mom and dad.

Marie said hi to them too!

Then we got up front to rock out to Build me up Buttercup and We Found Love, which we just performed at the play so we rocked it.

Brent showed up and Dom was thrilled!
Then we had a dance party. As usual.
Rick and his friends played for awhile and since we had the entire parade to practice, we were really really good at dancing to their conga beats!

Dave and Madeline reflected on the past 60 years as they found themselves soothed by Rick’s drum rhythms.

Some of us also took a snack break to recharge for more dancing.

Then Chad closed out the night with a few of his Jabberwocky-inspired songs and some great stories about how beautiful camp is and will continue to be. Thank you, Chad.

Hope everyone has a great night! We sadly have only one full day left so we are going to completely ignore that fact and have the best day ever.
We will show you tomorrow!

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