Best day ever? maybe!

Hello! Today we woke up and all went down to play rehearsal. JUST KIDDING the play is over and was wonderful, so today we woke up and felt a little sad but a little relieved that we didn’t have rehearsal.

Instead, we went to the Wortman’s house, who have an absolutely beautiful home and a giant porch and garden area for us to hang out in, as well as a little beach nook where we can watch boats go by and swim!

We had a lovely time chatting, playing card games, and eating in the sunlight

look at these lovely ladies who lunch

And these bros chillin’ real hard

Uno got heated after some cheating accusations were passed around, and we almost had a replay of the double-murder scene from Romeo & Juliet in Las Vegas (yup that happened)

Marie enjoyed some time in the Wortman’s flower garden 🙂

What a great afternoon

Here’s George R! He’s a new/returning old camper and he’s a great addition. He and Scott skype every week, so it’s been nice for them to be able to hang out in person this summer.

Kendra was excited to spend the afternoon with one of her many admirers.

Keverette had a rough afternoon. 
…just kidding.

Drew, you look great.

Baby, you too. PS hey everyone this is Kristin O, a board member!

Ben Winter wore a children’s hat.

Elyse! What a charmer.
Also Nathaniel and Jason are on that sailboat. How cool is that.
After we thought that the day couldn’t get any better…
…it did…


Hank reunited with his kin

The Vineyard Sound brought love and joy back into our hearts. Tender moments were shared. Souls were replenished. Zombies were jamboreed.

Things got weird and we liked it.

Matt ponders the weird.

So does Jason.

Myles secretly loves the Vineyard Sound

Sharon not-so-secretly loves the Vineyard Sound

See?? 🙂

Jason and Peter duetted 

Then Peter gave him a head massage for all his hard work! Creep.

Jordan sure does love a cappella

Half the camp went home and showered and napped and watched a really great movie in the studio thanks to the MV Film Society!
And half of us went sunset kayaking on Chappy!!

Ken took a lot more pictures with his camera from kayaking, so we will post those as soon as we get our hands on them.

What a marvelous day. 


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