A busy busy day.

Today we woke up to sunlight and the realization that THE PLAY IS IN 6 DAYS?!?! Hooray! So we ate some hot breakfast and had music rehearsal fo-fo-forever. But the songs have been sort of stuck in our heads all day, so we think the practice is working.

Jordan, one of the music masters, reigns over her plebeians. She and Larkin will whip them into shape in no time.


Jon already has a few of the songs down! And it’s only been 2 days!

Larkin calls out the slackers

Sue kept her feet moving the whole time during music to rack up some steps on her pedometer. What a multitasker!

The best part of music class is when it becomes a dance party.

After we were ready to lose our minds being cooped up in the studio, we skipped rest period and rushed as quickly as we could into the ocean to get some salt water in our noses and sand in our butts. 

At first Dom was dubious…

…but then he warmed up.

Sue has been practicing her coy looks, she’s really nailed it this time.

Marie happily showed us signs for “beach” and “swim” and everything she wanted to do this afternoon. It’s so great to have her back!

Everyone got in the water today, even the little ones

Keverette is here and rockin’ it!

Nancy and her counselors even look good doing transfers. Now that takes talent.

Amulya’s hair defies not only ocean water but also extreme winds. This man is formidable.

SOPHIE VISITED and Matt couldn’t have been happier!

Amulya’s hair even withstood Sophie’s visit

Hankapotamus won’t stop harmonizing or rocking on.

After the beach we unloaded, showered that sand out, and got right back on the bus to go to the SHARKS GAME BAY-BAY
Everyone held hands walking in because we are family.

Keverette met the mascot! What a shark fan.

The game was riveting!

…Michelle hates riveting things. Happy birthday Michelle!

Elyse made fast friends with Keverette, the awesome camper from Looking Glass in Mississippi!

She also loved Sue Harrington, but really who doesn’t??

JoJo modeled her new Sharks apparel, and Michelle just modeled.

Hi Mara!


Jason got an autographed ball 

AND A BURGER, yessss.

Look at all of our pretty counselors.

Jon loved the game

So did Skylar!

And Faith!

And Elyse!

And NanC!

And Sharon!

Myles only smiled because Michelle made a joke about hating baseball.

These four were totally hooked.

Leslie, the wonderful counselor from Mississippi, also had a great time, especially after Dom lent her his hat. What a gentleman.

Hey Eliza

Oh haaaay Sierra

KEN AND BARB ARE HERE! They took this selfie and it seemed like a good introduction of them. They are our doctor and helper and dishwasher and everything for the next two weeks, and it’s a treat to have them 🙂

They also took this picture, which is a great one. We had such a good day!

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