We woke up today to lots of rain and sad cancelations of our exciting events today, but we spent the morning cleaning up from Prom and doing some much needed brainstorming for the parade!

Cath was a cleaning machine and made sure the studio has never looked better.
Patty and Nancy took care of popping all the balloons, which really did a number on their counselors’ nerves.

While we were cleaning, Hannah touched base with a few of her close friends.

It’s Canada Day! Claire and Seth led us in a passionate rendition of the Canadian National Anthem. Sorry for the awkward face we captured, Claire…

…Here’s an awkward picture of Emily and Beth to make up for it. 

After Sean recapped a heroic story about a shower chair, we packed up some food and headed to Oak Bluffs for dinner and adventures.

A few ladies decided that, though they love Josh’s cooking and Maggie and Brynn’s wraps, they also love lobster rolls and Tiramisu, so they headed to Giordano’s for those treats instead.

Then some people headed down to the Flying Horses and tried very hard to not throw up!

Oh heck yes.

They didn’t throw up!

Some bros took a fishing trip on the Skipper boat, braving high waves and rain to catch their own dinner! 
Here they are eating their catch:

Then, we had a wonderful time loading the bus. Here’s a bunch of model shots, almost all taken by our guest photographer Matt Cosby!! (and some taken by Kelsey and Sam)!!

We made the best of the rain. But we’re ready for it to be over.

Bonus: Becca and an alpaca. This happened today.


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