Sharks sharks sharks sharks sharks sharks… everybody!

This morning Bob from Edgartown Cinemas let us come in really early for a private Jabberwocky screening of Monsters University, which many many people greatly enjoyed. Seriously, it was so good. We can’t wait for the DVD to come out. 
Since it was a dark theater, this is the only picture we got. Kendra loved the movie!
Patty, Kelsey, and Harry all gave it a big thumbs up!

When we got back, we were anxious to find out if the Sharks’ Baseball game had been canceled due to rain and fog.

Because we are a collection of the luckiest people alive, the game didn’t get rained out. We celebrated by decking out our bodies with purple flare and making clever signs to read aloud to them in chanting fashion.

Seth was selected by the Sharks to throw out the first pitch of the game!

We were all watching him go out onto the field…

First pitch!


Then he was off for a celebratory burger with Harry

…Hannah prefers hot dogs.

Cathy was enjoying the game while Jackie tried to find a date to prom. 

Maggie uses puns to pick up guys. Good luck, Maggie!

‘eyyyyyy Manny.
Looking good.
Seth collected foul balls and handed them out to some of his friends, because Seth is the kindest.

Jason got one!
Here are some pictures that Sam S took:

Couldn’t they be siblings??

Michelle and Hannah were really the only people watching the Sharks game. Michelle was stressed out because Dylan and Nik were having a rough game, but Hannah knew all along that they were going to be able to crush the Brockton Rox based on the depth of our team.

Always a people person, Hannah enjoyed chatting it up with the competition. We learned that their shoes were not from the mall because their coach donated shoes to all of them! Isn’t that so nice? All of their cars are gassed up and ready to go, and they go to school in Washington DC and North Carolina!

Dave’s here! And he’s hanging out with Dick again! They love each other.

Hi girls 🙂

Then we got home and everyone got to hang out with babies and little Ho’s again

TOMORROW IS STUDIO NIGHT! So we’re going to go get ready for that . We hope you had a good day, too! Go see Monsters University. Right now.


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