Ryno’s Birthday!

It’s only our second day here at camp! That means we have so much camp left! We are kicking it all off today with our first day of great classes that we’re sorry you couldn’t have attended. We’ll try to summarize the feeling for ya through these pictures.

Want to talk or even think about cats? Kelsey and Jordan do! They encourage you to do both in their first cat-centered discussion.
It was incredible.
If you couldn’t wait for the next cat-centered discussion, don’t worry. It happened directly after “Want to think about it? Cats!” in “Want to write about it? Cats!”
Nearby in the yurt, Stefanie shared her feelings about her caffeine dependency in “Recovery,” an accepting environment for you to seek support from your friends.

After classes, it was time to chow down and head off to the beach!

Did you hear? Camp Jabberwocky is celebrating it’s 60th year with a Jubilee and silent auction!

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was for Jake to drive the bus with this sign on the windshield. We’re lucky Jason was here to help.

Look at the sea creature Becca captured today!

Myles was so impressed or horribly disgusted.

oh HEY birthday Sam!

oh HEY unbirthday Sam!

When we got back to camp, we were surprised to discover that Josh, Laura, Maya had created…
The most amazing mexican dinner we’ve ever had.

We would have photographed it, but we were too busy inhaling it.

Sam Rynasiewicz’s birthday was one to remember. We already can’t wait for his next birthday cake.


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