Raise your voice and boogie down!

Today was a busy Sunday Funday. We slept in a little bit, then filled up on the most delicious french toast that Cynthia made. 
Then we put on our nice dresses and shirts and the campers made sure their counselors had either bathed or put deodorant on, and we headed to Grace Church down the street! Grace Church donated the land to Camp Jabberwocky many years ago, and they love to have us there in the summer. We did a pretty good job.
As a reward for an emotional church service, we decided to have our lunch on the beach and spend the afternoon there! It was super windy, and we really put the sand in sandwiches. But sand is good for digestion, so after a crunchy meal we had a nice rest/digest period on the beach. 
We also ran into two professional models at our State Beach spot. Their names were Giselle and Mercedes, or something sexy like that. They were kind enough to let us take a picture of them.

When rest period began, Jake had a nightmare and had to take shelter under Matt’s feet. Matt is so nurturing.

Hillary won rest period.
The twins weren’t sleepy, so instead they played in the sand and shared some sisterly love. D’awwww.

Cath was giving her world-renowned back rubs, Merry was the luckiest girl on the beach. Then there were a bunch of bathing beauties who we couldn’t help but photograph… you’re welcome.

We were all surprised to meet an incredible kite surfer with some serious skills. He zipped by, giving us all high-fives! If there were any clouds in the sky, he would have been high-fiving them as he did flips for us. It was a great show.

After a full afternoon of digestion and swimming, we headed back to shower and clean our cabins from the toilet floods. What? Don’t worry, the toilets are fine. Now… 
Our new executive director Liza much prefers getting down and dirty with us every day instead of having board meetings and conference calls. Here she is with Paul, helping JoJo walk back to the bus. Or maybe it’s another way around. We don’t know.

We showered really well today because THE MAGNIFICENT VOCAL ARTISTS the Vineyard Sound came to eat dinner with us and serenade all the ladies and gentlemen! http://vineyardsound.org/ 
Here are two friends Patty and Shirley gossipping about their counselors… 

Sam and Myles made funny faces…

… Hannah and Shirley made normal faces. 
Here are more more images of the amazing meals that Josh and Laura make and happy people enjoying them:

Happy people.
George approves.

Keenan met some Vineyard Sound boys who dug his style. Werk, boys.

Kendra found a dinner date again…

and so did David!


Kendra approves.
When the Vineyard Sound sang after dinner, angels wept at the beauty. They also wished Ryno a happy birthday because they saw the giant signs all around the room and ensured him the best year of his life.
Anyway, everyone loved them!

Jake loved them
Skye loved them
David loved them

Sean and Tim were ambivalent.
Becca, Larkin, and Julia showed off their style and got dolled up for the Vineyard Sound boys

Skye practiced for the ZOMBIE JAMBOREE
Myles danced his face off to the Vineyard sound and knew all the words to all the songs!

The Vineyard Sound boys got a little ritualistic near the end of their set.
Then they all tried to take a poop on our dining room floor.




After they cleaned up, we took some group photos. Enjoy!

PS Maggie and Sam Stoddard are going to prom together! Prom is only a week away so everyone’s gotta scramble to find their hot dates!
More fun tomorrow!


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