The campers are here! The campers are here!

Good news everybody, the campers are here! We got ’em all! This morning we put the finishing touches on camp to make it look like a dream, then some of us headed over in “normal” clothes to meet the campers in Woods Hole and other people got to put on crazy costumes and greet us at the ferry! All photos are courtesy the lovely counselor Rosie!

Stefanie is back for the summer!…

 … and she’s on top of the wooooorld!!

 Sam came a day early and was assigned 30 counselors for one night. Smart man.

 KEENAN CAME TODAY!!! He is a new camper and he is our new camp cheerleader! It’s always so great to have new energy at camp, especially when they love Justin Bieber as much as Keenan does!
 Here are the counselors singing songs in costumes and confusing the people in Vineyard Haven. 
 DREAM TEAM. JoJo baby!
 Jason got the ball rolling with announcements after lunch, making sure all new counselors know how much he loves horses. 
 Seth confirmed that Jason loves horses. Way to have his back!
 Keenan and Seth were fast friends today, and got in a lot of quality swinging and story swapping as they waited to load the bus for the beach.

 OUR AMAZING JOSH COOK PERSON FRIEND joined the conversation to talk about his travels to Korea and all the delicious food he’s been eating and making this year. Then the conversation was cut short because we were loading the bus for the BEACH!!!
 Jason and Sam W. hung out together on the ride over
 We sang all the Backstreet Boys and Elton John songs we knew, and delighted the Oak Bluffs tourists with our rousing rendition of Star Spangled Banner. 
BUT THEN we got to the beach and had a great time… but pictures in bathing suits are a little awkward,  and sandy cameras aren’t recommended, so here’s a good one of fully clothed Emily and Mara hardcore chilling instead. Trust us, it was a good time despite the freezing water.

 On the bus ride home, David waxed philosophical with one of our wonderful day counselors, Hope. 
 Julia, one half of the dynamic twins duo at camp, is back and ready for action!
Once we got back to the beach, we showered and started unpacking a little before dinner. We put all the campers’ and counselors’ clothes in cardboard boxes and cover them in glitter. Glitter is everywhere. It’s great.

This announcement was part of the tradition of telling stories or sharing exciting things that happened to us in the past year. We tell them before or after dinner, and usually they involve embarrassing stories from counselors and exciting stories from campers. 
Patty finished her autobiography this year! And she will be signing copies for everyone at camp this summer. Maybe. If we’re really nice.

Maggie, Paul, Emily, and Sam told us about a frabjous trip they took to the Grand Canyon and Vegas and Zion! 

Maggie and Sam said they wish they could tell us about Vegas, but what happens there stays there. We understand.

Finally, Kendra’s announcement turned into a giant after dinner dance party where the Jakes got up and stole the show! Well, camperJake did, counselorJake has to practice a little more… but it’s okay, camp just started so there’s plenty of time for that!
All in all, it was an extremely successful first day of camp and we are so glad it has finally begun! What a summer it will be!

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