More Photos, They Just Keep On Coming!

We have had some glorious days on the beach.
Here’s the proof.

Here’s Annie and Skip again.
They must have a lot to talk about.

Chris helps John get into the water.

Enjoying the sunshine while wearing lots of sunscreen.

Heather likes her tunes.

Grace knows how to be cool.

Boating is a social activity at our beach.

I believe this is Kyle. Hard to tell.

John stays out of the sun.

Here are the promised photos of
yesterday’s fishing trip on the Skipper.
They caught lots of fish and some were keepers.

Just in case you were wondering,
these are REAL fish,
not cheap imitations.

Hey Joe, wait til it’s cooked.


Annie helped Adam and Moriah prepare and cook their fish.

And today, we had guest activity directors!
Nancy and Colin (Zoe’s parents) ran yoga and soccer classes.
They were great.

We did Cat and Cow, and a few other poses.
It was very relaxing.

Soccer was not so relaxing, and that’s the way we like it.


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