Mad Max and Ice Cream.These Are Two Of Our Favorite Things.

Right after lunch we went for a sail on the the grand catamaran Mad Max.

Don’t drop our precious Briana!

Cy is chillin’ like a villain.
“Kippy goes on the boat???”
Which brother is which?

Margaret and Maddie demonstrate not jumping.

There was a beautiful view, but we know you’d rather look at pictures of us.

Andrew D. took this professional-quality photo of Kirkira.

Nick looks fierce!

As soon as our feet touched land again, we went straight to Dairy Queen.

In Edgartown we met these weird purple people.

As well as these women who were offering free exercise classes in the street.
And they say Camp Jabberwocky is quirky.

Gracie, watch out! Megan is going to steal your ice cream.

Jeremy! You’re supposed to eat it, not do a soft serve facial!

After all that ice cream, James B. needs some comforting.

Andrew D., Joey, and Nick ponder the rest of the day ahead–the beach and a spaghetti dinner.
They’ll take it!

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